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You are about to enter the lives of the Young family.
EST. 1997

I will do my best to update the blog with current family events,
day to day happenings and all around interesting stuff with a few pics.
The website will be a kinda of static updated once in awhile our lives kind of deal.
And the photo galleries will be all the pics I didn't want to over run my blog with.

~. ~.~.~.~.~.~.~

If you are at all curious about the whole froggz1098 thing...
I have had a liking for frogs since I was in high school.
I made up the username froggz1098 shortly after having my first child in October 1998.
And that is the fascinating story of how it came about. Exciting, no!? ;)


Brandy's Photography Stuff!

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